Top Corporate Videos for Businesses

Company policies (also known as corporate policies), are a set of guidelines companies formulate in order to lay down their responses to determined situations. These policies also determine strategies and direct plans, decisions and actions required in order to achieve the company’s objectives. These policies have been developed in the past with text, but video production changes everything here. 

If you’re not using video for this business necessity, they end up being a large, bulky amount of text that no one really want to go through, it's just too boring to read all off it, step by step, line by line. These are company policies, and most companies have common policies, making it even more of a problem to read, since people will be reading things that they already know about, but still need to do it, because it is required.

Nevertheless, videos come in to save the day, once again. Although making company policies something fun and enjoyable is almost an impossible task, it is possible to make them attention worthy and good enough to keep us interested in them. With visual effects, color harmony and some background music, it is possible to get employees interested in company policies - and we're not only talking about the part where it talks about their vacations, we're talking about the whole thing.

Most companies decide to split their policies into categories. This is an excellent idea, since it's already hard to read the first few guidelines, it would be much harder looking at the end of the document and seeing a huge number of page that we still need to go through just to get halfway through and not remember the very beginning. Splitting the policies into categories in video format is also a good idea. We all know that a few minutes aren't a lot of time, however, when it comes to videos, it can be a lot of time. So, splitting the policy into short videos will increase the motivation to get to the end of it all, and it will help people actually learn the company policies.

Keep in mind that, although company policies might not be the most interesting thing to learn, they are of extreme importance when it comes to business strategies and predetermined courses of action. Remember that, without company policies, management would have to keep on checking on employees constantly in order to guarantee they are doing their job, and not something that they are not supposed to. This is the big advantage of company policies, and it's crucial to get them across. Video companies like Full Frame Productions are certainly your friends when it comes to this one.

Lecture Videos & Seminar Videos

Lectures and seminars are great events for employees to learn about the company, its practices, its course of action, and to learn a little bit more about what they do, their mission and their ultimate goals within the company. With the help of video production companies, this all gets very exciting! All of this is amazing information that every employee should have present in their mind. But with these events, it can be costly to prepare and hand out flyers, place ads and to spread the word. Videos are an optimal advertisement tool when it comes to these events.

Before the events, videos of interviews with the event staff, interviews with the speakers, and even videos of high ranking executives just talking about their thoughts on the event can be great ways of advertisement, if well used. These videos should always cover part of what will happen in the event, part of the room where it will take place, and more information like this. Disclosing this type of information will increase the motivation that employees will have to go to the event. 

Usually, lectures and seminars are thought of as just, well, lectures and seminars, and people don't think about the actual information that will be exchanged there, and they don't think about what the speakers will have to say, and stuff like that. This is a great chance for them to make questions, find out more about where they work, what they do, and where they will go in the future if they follow the path the companies is taking them.

During the event, there should be a live broadcast in the company’s website (or in another website if required) so that anyone that could not be physically present can still know what is happening and what is being talked about in the event itself. Certainly, the event will have a lot of people attending it (partially due to the promotional video production done before the event itself), and this will show to the outside as a very successful event, giving the company an amazing image, since the employees themselves are interested in learning and going forward, together with the company.

At the end of these events, a video interview with the organizer might also be a great idea, questioning him about his thoughts on the event, on the success it had, and especially about the changes and improvements that the event could possibly have on the company and the employees.